October 16, 2021

Planning a Vacation? Come to Tulum, Mexico!

Since the pandemic ensured that most of the population is restricted indoors, people have been waiting with bated breath for the next time they can take an exotic vacation. 2021 has seen tourism pick up once again as more tourists are starting to make their bookings. If you are one such tourist who is unsure of where to take a vacation then this article will help you select the best location.

Explaining the popularity of Tulum

Tulum is situated right by the Maya Riviera in Mexico. The city is perfect for both quiet vacations and more adventurous thrill-seekers. The city has a number of beautiful sea beaches where you will be able to relax throughout the day and even go sunbathing. There are also plenty of beach parties and clubs where you can hang out.

You can find a number of jungle trails and hiking routes in Tulum and this will allow you to go exploring in the nearby regions. There are a number of deeper jungles where you can go camping and exploring. You can also find ancient Mayan ruins in these jungles that can fascinate the historian in you.

In general, you will find just about everything that you need in a vacation easily available in Tulum. You will also get inexpensive, delicious street food here alongside the traditional Mexican food. There are plenty of things to do alongside the ones mentioned above and hence, the city is so popular with tourists. You can also find inexpensive hotels and hostels easily available all over the city in prime locations.

Is Tulum safe?

Tulum is absolutely safe for tourists and although there have been some instances of petty crimes here and there, but these can be avoided if tourists are just a bit mindful of their surroundings. However, be assured that you will receive complete support and help from the local police, government and even the locals if you were to require any help. One thing that you should be concerned with is the weather, remember that Tulum is close to the water and hence, it is prone to hurricanes and inclement weather. Always check the weather forecast thoroughly before you plan a trip to Tulum.

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How will you be able to reach Tulum?

The quickest way to reach Tulum is by reaching Cancun. Cancun is the nearest city to Tulum with an international airport and is well connected by flights all over the world. You can reach Cancun by plane and from there Tulum is only 130 km or 81 miles away. There are a number of transportation options available from Cancun to Tulum and you can easily complete the journey within 2 hours by shuttle, cabs, or bus. There are also options for taking a helicopter ride to Tulum, but it is extremely expensive. For tourists, the best options would be buses, shuttles, and cabs.

You will also be able to take shuttles, and buses from outside of the airport. In case, you have to come with a large number of luggage bags, then you should book a private cab as it is the safest, quickest and most convenient option. You can find a number of excellent companies like Tucankin operating their cab services at Tulum. The rates of private cabs are also quite reasonable and pre-fixed by the local authorities so you do not have to worry about being overcharged. In case, you do not have a lot of luggage then you should consider taking the bus because there are plenty of buses available too. You will find several transfer options at Tulum so do not be concerned about it at all. You can search for Tulum Transfers on the internet to get more ideas regarding this.


Tulum is a fantastic destination for you to take a holiday with your family. You will find it cheap and with plenty of activities to do for tourists. Tourists have been flocking to Tulum from all over the world. Although, the Covid-19 pandemic had brought about a reduction in footfall in 2020, but in 2021 the tourists began to come back again. There are several ways of reaching Tulum from Cancun airport. Hopefully, you will have a great vacation at Tulum.

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