October 23, 2021

Transit of Jupiter in 2021: Impacts on Each Zodiac Sign

How Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 impacts us. We analyze studying each zodiac sign and observing the reports.

jupiter-transit 2021

Jupiter transit 2021 is crucial as per Vedic astrology as Jupiter is regarded as the most auspicious and important planet. Jupiter is also addressed as Guru and it is sacrosanct in Hindu belief. When Jupiter transits to Aquarius this year, the results can be both positive and negative, based on your zodiac sign. 

We here analyze the impact of Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 on each zodiac sign.

Jupiter Transit for Aries

Jupiter transit 2021 prediction report states that the transit in the 11th House will help you be successful in life. You may receive income from multiple sources. However, you will lack focus in your life, and you might even face health-related issues. By the end of the year, fortune will be back in your life.  

Jupiter Transit for Taurus

Jupiter’s transit 2021 will affect your 10th and 9th Houses and as a result, you will face problems at work. However, your family and love life will be supportive. There are chances of financial issues in life and you may also face health issues. 

Jupiter Transit for Gemini

The transit will be beneficial for you. There will be success in life and also, you may enhance your wealth. The marriage-related issues in life will be sorted out. You will also lean more towards spirituality.

Jupiter Transit for Cancer

As per the Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 prediction report, you may be inclined towards spirituality. There may be issues in health as well as financial condition. Marital life will have disorders. 

Jupiter Transit for Leo

As per Vedic astrology, your love life will improve and the chances of marriage are also high. You will improve in your financial life and may also have good health. There can be additional expenses in life and you need to keep a tab on it. Your decisions will become profitable and will give you a good income.

Jupiter Transit for Virgo

The Jupiter transit 2021 will bring success in academics and you may clear exams with high grades. There can be minor health issues and problems with partners. Financially you may become more stable, and your income will continue to rise. Love life will have problems again. 

Jupiter Transit for Libra

Academically, the Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 will bring you a good time. Your love life will also be well and thriving. Financially, this is a good period and your business will thrive. There can be health issues within the family. 

Jupiter Transit for Scorpio

As per the Jupiter transit 2021 report, you may face health problems, especially within the family. There can also be disputes with relatives. Financially, this is not a good time. You may have to travel a lot in your life for a career, health, or education. Also, you may be inclined towards spirituality. 

Jupiter Transit for Sagittarius

The Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 will affect your third House, causing serious health issues. Financially, you will have to put in the efforts needed to increase your wealth. 

Jupiter Transit for Capricorn

The Jupiter transit 2021 prediction report states that you will have happiness within the family. You may find true love in life and may also be blessed with a baby. Financially, you may earn good incomes from foreign sources. Your decisions will tend to be more profitable than you realized. However, there are chances of slight health problems.

Jupiter Transit for Aquarius

As per Vedic astrology, this period is good for married life and financially you will gain well. But there are chances of health issues which may get improved by later part of the year. You may also meet the love of your life.

Jupiter Transit for Pisces

There are good chances that you may experience health problems in your life. This may impact your expenses, ultimately affecting your financial condition. But by the later part of the transit, your financial status will improve. There may be resistance in your path to success, but you will have the energy to overcome any barriers.

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