October 16, 2021

Remote Control Maneuvering System

Safety Tips While Operating A Remote Control Maneuvering System

Every ship engineer knows the importance of the systems related to maneuvering of marine engine, such as electronic systems, hydraulics, electrical systems, piping, pneumatics, wiring and more. It is essential to have proper knowledge of each of these systems. These are some vital safety tips that need to be considered while handling or maintaining / operating a remote control maneuvering system in South China, to maneuver the engine of a ship.

Operate remote control components with care

You should avoid opening any door/ cover or touching any machinery part while operating components of remote control. It can be harmful and may result in malfunctioning, in case treated in an improper way at the time of operations. Before leaving or entering port, you always need to check maneuvering handle and other remote control operations in the engine control room.

Switch the supply off

You have to keep in mind that the supply must be switched off, prior to any electrical circuit maintenance of remote control system. For such system, multiple power supply can be there. Before opening it is important for you to check and turn off all of them. Due to automatic shutdown/ slowdown, in case there is stoppage of the main engine, first and foremost the maneuvering handle must be moved to the stop position. Then, the problem should be fixed with troubleshooting, before the engine can be restarted.

Before using withstand voltage test or megger to this kind of circuit, it is important to make sure all the wires to the unit which can prevent megger test, so as to be able to protect electronic device. This is an important step.

Avoid dust entry

After maintenance work is carried out on all of the devices, it is important to put cover on them or close the door, so as to prevent the entry of foreign material or dust. The drawings of electrical circuit should be checked, before work is done on the same. Proper cleaning must be done on a routine basis, given that deposits and loose contacts are the commonest reasons for remote control maneuvering electrical system malfunctioning.

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