October 28, 2021

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller In India – Price & Features

Fieldking Rotavator

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller is one of the high-quality farm machines in India. The machine comes from the Fieldking house, which is popular for different types of farm implements. The company offers a wide range of efficient farm implements, and Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller is one. This machine is specially made for small farms and used to tilling crops. Fieldking Rotavator provides advanced solutions in the working field, resulting in high productivity. We all know that tillage is a very important farming application, and for this, small farmers need an efficient farm implement. So, to complete their needs, Fieldking made this effective Mini Rotary Tiller. Fieldking Rotavator is perfect for tillage and profitable for small farmers. 

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller – Innovative Features 

Following are the special features of the Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller:-  

  • This lightweight machine requires 15 – 30 hp mini tractors. 
  • It is used for small farms, fruit, vegetables, orchards, gardening, and nurseries. 
  • The farm machine is perfect for weed control, seedbed preparation, and puddling in small fields.
  • Fieldking Rotavator is compatible with mini and lower HP tractors.          
  • This machine has 6/4 blades per flange available in L & C type blade options.
  • The helical arrangement of the machine blades decreases the load on the tractor, which makes tillage fast and economical.
  • The heavy-duty PTO shaft of the Fieldking Rotavator comes with a shear bolt or slip-clutch for overload protection.
  • The machine comes with sealed bearings to prevent moisture/mud entry.        
  • Fieldking mini rotavator has a single-speed gearbox with a side transmission gear drive.
  • In addition, it is available at an affordable price range. 

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