October 28, 2021

Mahindra YUVO 575 DI Tractor – Specification And Features

mahindra yuvo 575

The Mahindra YUVO 575 DI tractor is a Mahindra tractor manufacturing brand that produces a huge variety with various features. The technologically developed agriculture industry synced with the Mahindra YUVO 575 DI tractor. It contains the highest engine capacity, specifications, best price and many more varieties. The Mahindra YUVO 575 DI Tractor performs well in challenging farming tasks because it is a trustworthy and predictable tractor. The Mahindra brand satisfies the buyer; this is enough indication for the buyer to know the name of this brand and its specifications. However, still, I am engaged in describing the features and specifications. The Mahindra 575 YUVO provides matchless strength and unrestrained power. It has superb features for farming performance’s promotion to a new level.     

 Engine Capacity Is Widely Described Below:-

  • The 2979 CC engine capacity is contained by the Mahindra YUVO 575 DI and four cylinders generating the 45 engine HP and a 41.1 PTO HP.
  • Single-speed PTO enriches the tractor to fit many farm equipment.
  •  The PTO runs on 540 engine rated RPM, and a 2000 engine rated RPM runs in a powerful tractor.
  • Mahindra YUVO 575 DI tractor engine 24*7 regulated by a dry-type air filter and a cooling water system.
  • The Mahindra YUVO 575 DI Tractor is commendable for farmers. The tractor is rich in demand with additional features. The product’s fundamental part is good features and services, and it keeps a significant role in the Mahindra YUVO 575 DI.

Mahindra YUVO 575 DI Price In India

The price of Mahindra YUVO 575 DI starts from Rs. 6.65k and goes up to Rs. 6.90k.This price range is reasonable and affordable for all farmers. The Mahindra YUVO 575 DI tractor is preferred by all farmers because of its low price and easy to buy model.  

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