October 28, 2021


powertrac 437

Powertrac 437 tractor is known for its effective and efficient performance. It is pocket friendly with lots of qualities that suit modern agriculture requirements, so powertrac 437 becomes highly preferable and the initial choice of farmers. Powertrac 437 as the name itself defines the word ‘POWER” because of its 39 HP engine with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1600 kg with a pocket-friendly budget and mileage.

Why Powertrac 437 is the first choice of Farmers?

Farmers choose Powertrac 437 because of its staggering features;

1. Powertrac tractor 437 has 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes, which enables sound and easy functioning.

2. Its steering type is Manual/Power Steering (optional)  by which it gets easy to control and

nimble response.

3. It has Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes which provide a firm hold and low slippage.

4. Powertrac 437 has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1600 Kg, which is appropriate for many implements. 

5. It is equipped with 39 HP and its engine capacity is 2146 cc and has 3 Cylinders generating engine rated RPM 2200. Thus, Powertrac 437 Pto hp is 33 hp.

6. Powertrac 437 mileage is economical and reasonable with a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres.

Price and affordability of Powertrac 437 

After analysing its impressive features, let’s talk about the price range and affordability of powertrac 437. The price range of power trac 437  is Rs. 5.20 to 5.40 lakh due to which it becomes the first and foremost choice of farmers.

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