October 23, 2021

Amazing Deals on 32-inch TVs for this Year



Contrary to popular belief, small TVs are still the talk of the town, and 32-inch TV models are in demand in India. Although the gap in prices between smaller and larger TVs is gradually reducing, 32-inch smart TVs still make the grade.

The primary reason for this is that average Indians have limited living areas, and 32-inch TVs fit nicely into compact spaces. Additionally, though prices of larger sets are coming down, 32-inch TVs are still more affordable. Moreover, with steal deals on e-commerce portals, you get TVs at even more affordable rates. 

Features and Benefits

You may not get a high-end OLED or QLED display in a 32-inch TV, but you do get a wonderful LED screen that is top-of-the-line in its segment. In terms of contrast, LEDs make images produce colors that are vivid and a picture that’s crisp. Due to an LED-backlit panel, you get brightness where it’s required most in pictures; blacks look authentically black, with images in the daylight crystal clear.

Additionally, you get streaming facilities plus apps, such as Netflix, on which you can see shows and films. In a TCL TV (32S6500S model), you get all this and more, such as built-in Wi-Fi and a resolution of 720p. These are some specs you get in most smart TVs of 32 inches. Furthermore, you get great sound, with Dolby sound in some TVs. 

Great Deals On TVs in 2021

On e-commerce portals, you get the best deals on smart TVs. If you are on the lookout for a 32-inch TV, your best bet is an e-commerce portal or an e-commerce retailer. You can also get great value deals if you visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you get a wide range of 32-inch TVs to pick from.

Deals and discounts are available throughout the year, especially when older models are phased out and newer ones are launched. At festival times or on certain days of flash sales, the first products to see reductions in prices are smart TVs and smartphones. These are the most in-demand goods to buy on e-commerce portals today.

The brands that usually reduce prices on their TVs are Sony, Samsung, LG, Kevin, Mi, and Micromax. You may not get other brands, like a TCL TV, in a 32-inch configuration on sale easily. Mentioned below are some superb 32-inch TVs you can get for reduced prices in 2021. 

Mi 32-inch Smart LED TV (L32MS-AL) 

Running on Android v.9.0 OS, this Mi TV has Patchwall with over 20 content partners for your streaming needs. With a superior LED display, images are clear and the resolution is a cool 1366 x 768 pixels. With an HD Ready digital video format, your entertainment needs are taken care of.

To add to all this, this TV features a 20-watt sound output and contains a Dolby + DTS-HD stereo sound set-up. Connectivity is seamless with 3 HDMI ports, built-in Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports, and one HDMI port. 

Kevin 32-inch TV (KN32A) 

One of the brands that offer the most discounted prices today, this Kevin TV is a certified Cloud TV with more than 10 apps as part of its content services. Being a unique Cloud TV, you won’t get a more affordable model that gives you regular updates over the air. The Cinewall with Android v.8.0 OS gives you an insurmountable choice of videos, trailers, films, and more.

Performance is key in this 32-inch TV, as it comes equipped with a quad-core processor and 1GB RAM, not to mention 8GB ROM, so you never face a lack of speed and storage space. Enabled with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect with external speakers and get a surround-sound atmosphere. 

Samsung 32-inch Smart LED TV (Wondertainmment UA32TE40AABXL)

Truly a wonder of a TV, this model comes with a built-in Alexa so you can control your TV hands-free. Just speak your commands into the remote, and Alexa will comply. Google Assistant and Bixby are also built-in for additional convenience.

A distinguishing feature about this TV is that you can mirror your computer’s screen onto the TV and work on a larger screen, using Office 365. As if this wasn’t enough, you get all the regular features of a smart TV of a superior standard, such as HDR with Contrast Enhancer and tons of varied content to choose from.

Running on Tizen OS, the operating system ensures smooth performance and the 1.5GB RAM lets you have slick task switching at your fingertips. With stereo sound and a Dolby Digital Plus arrangement, you get premium viewing at all times. 

LG 32-inch TV (32LM563BPTC)

LG has a lot to offer in its 32-inch TVs, with loads of smart content through WebOS. The TV has a one-of-a-kind Dynamic Colour Enhancer that adjusts images for richer and purer hues as you watch. Active HDR ensures that every scene you see is optimized, giving you the most detail.

There’s also a scene-by-scene feature that adjusts the quality of scenes to look more natural. The multi-dimensional DTS audio system gives you sound from any and all angles, adding to the immersive overall Dolby sound experience. 

A Smart Choice

It’s a smart choice to opt to buy a 32-inch TV from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Not only do you get a massive range of models to select from, but with deals and discounts, your TV becomes more affordable. You also get a 24-hour delivery service when you shop at the EMI Store.

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