October 28, 2021

DIY Wall Painting Ideas You Should Definitely Try

We are going through a really hard phase of life right now. Given this pandemic situation, it can get really difficult to cope up and not get depressed. Now, since most of the time we are stuck at home, we find it challenging to pass time. We find ourselves looking for some activity or the other to keep ourselves busy. One such activity could be creating an accent wall in your room with your favorite colors. As tedious as it might sound, it is a feasible and fun activity to engage in. Here are some DIY room painting ideas that you might want to experiment with-

  • The Handprint Design: For this design, you need to choose a few colors of your choice. If you find yourself in a tough position in deciding what color would suit your room, painting companies Burnaby could come for rescue. After selecting the right color, you paint your wall with a double coat of that color, and then let it completely dry. Now, all you have to do is dip both of your hands in different colors and press them against the wall. You need to repeat this step a couple of times until you have the desired effect.
  • The Grid Pattern: The grid pattern is a very classy way of painting your wall. The main ingredient for this design is a plumbing tape—how many units you would need depends on the size of the wall. Start with painting the base layer of the wall. Then, after the wall has dried, you stick the tapes in a grid pattern all over your wall. Make sure that the tapes are properly placed. Now, start painting the taped wall, make sure to be light-handed. After finishing, let the wall completely dry and slowly take off the tapes. Since you used plumber tapes, it should come off easily. There you have your classy grid patterned wall.
  • The Freehand Design: The freehand design is an easy yet fun way of painting your wall. For this design, all you need is a paintbrush and different paints of your choice. Start with your base layer. Once it is completely dry, take your paintbrush, dip it in the paint and swing it towards the wall. Continue doing this in all directions possible. Towards the end of this process, you will notice that the wall has a pretty and artistic mixture of various paints.
  • The Polka Dots Design: The polka dots design is a classic. It can never go wrong. You will need a base color and a round-shaped sponge. All you have to do is paint the base layer. Once it is completely dry, take the sponge, dip it in the color of your choice, and start pressing it against the wall. For the wall to come out well, keep in mind that the dots should have sufficient space between them. With a little effort, your wall will have a beautiful polka dots design.

Now that you have found a fun way of dealing with boredom, you should try these ideas. Although it is a good pastime, you should still consider getting professional help for better results. After all, painting your wall can be tough at times and might not bear the same results as you expected. If in case you take professional help, then painting contractors Burnaby would be a good choice.

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