October 28, 2021

Secure Your Favorite Ice Creams In Durable Cone Sleeve | Ice Cream Cone Sleeve


Are you an ice cream lover too? No one can deny their love for them. But the thing we don’t like to see is our favorite ice cream melting away instantly and creating a huge mess.  Since the day ice creams came into existence, keeping them safe from melting is always challenging task. But now, Ice cream cone sleeves have perfectly solved this problem.  These cone sleeves are readily available and are cost-effective as well.

With the ever-increasing demand for cone ice creams, the competition for cone sleeves is also getting high among sellers. Therefore, everyone is working to make their products the center of attention in the market. 

Ice cream cone sleeves are actually cone-shaped covers that protect the ice cream from getting melt so that the buyer can enjoy complete pleasure while eating their favorite ice creams. Also, these sleeves make sure to preserve the ice cream from getting spoiled or damaged by moisture.

Use High-Quality Materials For Durable Cone Sleeves

Ice creams are sensitive; therefore, the material used for cone sleeves must be of superior quality. There are many options that you can use to manufacture strong custom waffle cone sleeves. These materials work efficiently and also protect the ice cream from moisture. Furthermore, ice cream is an edible product and is extensively consumed by kids, thus using low-quality material for ice cream sleeves can ultimately create health issues. And we can’t afford that. This is why quality comes first.

The Cardboard material is the first choice for cone sleeves as it is a highly flexible material, which means that you can easily fold it into any desired shape according to the need. Furthermore, cardboard material consists of liners and flutes. Hence, you can also increase its thickness by adding more flutes making it more substantial. In this way, it gives absolute security to the product. 

Besides that, corrugated material is also used. It is a stiff, strong, and lightweight material. It is highly durable and easy to use.

On the other hand, Kraft material is an eco-friendly choice. It is recyclable and biodegradable. This material is also strong enough for great protection and also keeps our nature safe. All these materials do not compromise on providing excellent safety to our favorite ice creams.

Double The Strength Of Cone Sleeves By Adding An Extra Plastic Covering 

We know that when the ice cream melts, it can damage the cone sleeve as well. Therefore, you can add a transparent or plastic sheet over the cone sleeves to protect them from any harm. 

Furthermore, by adding transparent sheets, you can increase the power and durability of custom waffle cone sleeves, making them beneficial for a more extended period. Besides that, they also make the cone sleeves look more impressive and stylish. Not only this, but it can also impact ice cream lovers significantly, which helps you in effective branding.

Use Different Printing Methods For Elegant Custom Cone Sleeves

Along with the good quality, the beauty of the custom cone sleeves is necessary. The ice creams always come in colorful textures and give us a refreshing feel. Therefore, people are primarily attracted to those ice cream cone paper sleeves that instantly catch their attention, among many others, with their unique design and attractive appearance.

There’s so much competition in the food market due to the high consumption of ice creams; everyone wants to make their product look unique yet prominent, among others. Using various printing options to make your ice cream sleeves is a perfect idea that greatly mesmerizes consumers.  Printing these sleeves with interesting titles, images, logos, or taglines will increase your company’s value and boost sales. It will help people recognize your brand in many others. These printing options include;

  1. Digital printing
  2. Off/on set printing
  3. Flexography

Give Your Cone Sleeves A Fantastic Look By Adding Various Coatings

Other than printing, you can go for different coatings as well. Coatings help enhance the look of waffle cone paper sleeves and secure the material against other environmental harms.

Coatings are advantageous to provide a mesmerizing look to these cone sleeves. They easily grab the eyes of buyers and increase their excitement for buying the product. There are various coatings used for this purpose. 

 Firstly, the gloss coatings give the cone sleeves a shiny touch. These coatings will reflect in sunlight giving off a fascinating appearance to the cones. Kids mostly love these cone sleeves. 

However, the other coating that is used is the matte coating; these coatings will give a non-shiny yet elegant outlook to the cone sleeves. Spot UV coatings add a charming touch to the boxes and are applied to specific areas. They make the logos, titles, or captions pop out.

However, if you want to give a colorful and vibrant look to custom food packaging, you can go for color models. They make your packaging look more appealing to the customers. In addition, colors can affect the buyer’s decision. Thus they are vital. You can choose the CMYK model, or you can go for the PMS model. You can select bold or light colors just according to your choice.

Use Additional Features For A Beautiful Final Look

Moreover, you can also use different add-ons for the beautification of the product boxes. You can use the Embossing or debossing technique. Embossing makes the pattern on the sleeves to rise compared to the background, whereas debossing makes the pattern or designs on sleeves sunken into the surface. Furthermore, Gold/silver foiling is trending nowadays. These finishing add shine to the sleeves, making them look more captivating.

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