Everything You Should Know About Apply Visa for China

China Visa

Every year, approximately 100 million people visit China, which is a place of wonders. Many visitors come for a vacation to view the Great Wall of Beijing’s Forbidden City, staying for only a week or two and requiring no extra identification other than a passport. However, being one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, over half of those travellers are here for business and must have the proper visa. This guide is for China visa UK visitors travelling to China for their needs and to know what type of visa they will need.

What are The Different Types of Visas Available in China?

There are several sorts of visas to pick from, and it may often be difficult to determine precisely what visa you want when you apply Visa for China. Most situations nevertheless come under the characteristics of tourism, enterprise, research, job or transport.

  • Chinese Tourist Visas

The most common function of tourist China Visa Application may be to apply for group or auto-tourist visas if you use a car for travelling throughout the nation.

  • Chinese Business Visas

These China visa cover conferences, interviews and agreements for commercial objectives.

  • Chinese Transit Visas

These visas are used for direct flights, trains or cruises while travelling via China to another nation.

  • Visas for Chinese Study

You will need to appeal for a Chinese study visa if you want to study in China or study at a university. Your course’s start/end date and the confirmation of your place at your university will be included in your study visa.

  • Visa for Employment in China

If you are travelling to China exclusively for work purposes, you will require an official work visa. Your visa will be required to state clearly your start and finish date and contain your employer’s confirmation in China.

Is It Possible to Extend Your Stay?

Yes, you can ask for an extension of your stay in China. However, you must do it before your visa expires, as staying in China for longer than your visa allows is not authorised.

On your visa, you can see how long the visa is valid for, as well as how long you may remain and how many times you may enter China. It’s critical not to conflate the validity of your visa with the length of time you’re permitted to remain.

To apply for a visa in China from Chinese Visa Services, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A valid passport is required. It must last at least six months long and have at least two blank pages.
  • A typewritten application form for a visa
  • Attached to the application form are two colour images of yourself taken within the last six months.
  • A copy of a proposal letter for an M Visa. There are three different sorts of invitation letters.
  • A letter of request from the Chinese company or commercial partner you have been to China to meet.
  • A letter of request from a Chinese government agency
  • A letter of request from a trade fair.

How Long is The Application Procedure Going to Take?

When you have all of the necessary documents, if you apply for China visa UK and have completed the application correctly, your visa should be ready in four working days. It is also possible to expedite the procedure, in which case your visa should arrive in three working days. A citizen of the United Kingdom usually grants visas for two years on tourist and business visas. You can remain for up to 90 days at a time with a two-year visa.

The Chinese embassy offers visas for individual entries and multiple entries, and you will be required for one new entrance when issued. Regardless of the number of entries, the validity or time restriction cannot be increased. The visa is valid on the day of your visa stamping, and the days you enter China are the number of days you may remain. The optimal time to apply for a visa to visit China is about a month before you want to go, and the earliest is three months ahead of time.

Know About Chinese Business Visa Fees?

f you need a quick visa acceptance, you will be charged an extra cost. You can send the documents to you by post, but you must also pay a supplementary cost. It is better to approach a consultancy to complete the visa process without having more effort.

The Bottom Line

You should have a proper visa without a visa, you will not be able to visit any country. The Visa application process is easy when you contact with right visa consultancy. Now you can get some idea about visa application for China.

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