Importance of Product Packaging for Brand Awareness

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Packaging products play a number of roles for the brands. Apart from its primary function of protecting commodities during transportation, packaging has a significant impact on sales. According to surveys, 72% of the customers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by a brand’s packaging. This is a huge opportunity for packaging companies to invest in unique ways of marketing their supplies to boost their sales.

Packaging materials used on products help to keep the item safe. So, a poorly packaged item will evidently reflect negatively on the brand. Ideally, packaging should be robust and easy to open for a good customer experience.

Packaging also helps customers, workers to identify a product. The information, texts, and colour of an item help people to identify the product.

When a customer is given choices at a store or online to buy a product, it is the packaging that strikes first. Many shoppers buy products with attractive packaging.

For a company, the packaging is the first impression that someone gets while buying their product. Many brands use packaging to create brand awareness. For instance, a brand with brightly coloured packaging and funky fonts will give a playful and cheerful vibe.

Similarly, when a customer sees a packaging with sophisticated fonts with an exquisite colour palette and packaging, they will associate the brand as a sophisticated luxury brand.

Ideally, for an optimum customer experience, packaging must contain brand elements like the logo, tagline, brand colour scheme, fonts, along with product details.

Choosing the suitable packaging materials is equally important as the design. Customers are getting conscious nowadays, so eco-friendly packaging is a more responsible way to go.

Packaging is almost like dressing up for an important presentation. No matter how good your presentation deck might be, wearing appropriate apparel will give you extra confidence. To understand more about the importance of packaging for brand awareness, scroll down below.

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