Top 5 Farm Machine in India – Farmers Should Use Them For farming

Top 5 Farm Machine in India - Farmers Should Use Them For farming

Top 5 Farm Machine in India - Farmers Should Use Them For farming

For farming purposes, there are many types of machines available. These all farming machines complete numerous farming applications. They are loaded with many strong components and made with advanced technologies, making them ideal for farm purposes. 

In this blog, we show some best farming machines along with their use and benefits. So, keep with this blog till the end. 

  1. Tractor 

Tractor, most widely used farming machine. Without it, we cannot imagine farming, especially in this highly demanded time. There are many types of tractors available in the tractor market, such as mini tractors, utility tractors, heavy-duty tractors, and many more, which complete from planting to harvesting operations. They are loaded with powerful engines that encourage the machine to handle all the tough and adverse farming, soil, and weather conditions. 

Tractors also come with the gearbox, which converts the high-speed revolutions of the engine into much lower-speed revolutions of the wheels, increasing the force the tractor can use for pulling things at the same time. And there are many such things available in the tractor that make it reliable for agriculture. In the Indian tractor market, many tractor brands produce such different tractors. These brands are John Deere, Mahindra, Eicher, and many more, providing tractors at an affordable John Deere Tractor price, Mahindra price, etc.

Types of Tractors:-

  • Utility Tractors 
  • Row Crop Tractors
  • Orchard Type Tractors 
  • Industrial Tractors 
  • Garden Tractors 
  • Rotary Tillers 
  • Implement Carrier
  • Earth Moving Tractors
  1. Cultivator 

Cultivators are one of the popular farm machines used to plough and reduce the soil into fine particles. The machine sows the seeds before the cropping process starts or might kill the weeds. Cultivators move the soil around the maturing crop to promote the growth and destroy weeds.

Types of Cultivator:-

  • Spring tyne Cultivator
  • Rigid tyne Cultivator 
  • Rigid tyne shovel type Cultivator 
  • Bar point Cultivator 
  1. Rotavator 

Use a rotavator for a break, aerate, and churn the soil that increases the soil’s oxygen count and makes it easier for harvesting and better for cropping. And it is also suitable for mixing and removing the residual of maize, wheat, and sugarcane, etc. This process helps improve soil health and save fuel, cost, time, and energy. It is formed by joining a set of blades and rotors connected to the motor. It is suitable for low soil and very much consistent with low HP tractors. It is beneficial and useful for puddling. 

Types of rotavator:-

  • Ground tiller 
  • Medium duty Rotavator
  • Heavy-duty Rotavator
  1. Plough

For turning and breaking, the soil used a plough machine which is also suitable to control and prevent weeds. It is a traditional implement called “Hal”, made of wood and drawn by bulls. Since ancient times for tilling, turning the soil, and adding fertilizers using a plough. Now it is used as tractor implements. It includes a long log of wood called a Ploughshaft, it has a strong iron triangular strip called Ploughshare, and the other end is connected to the beam. However, nowadays, wooden ploughs are being replaced by iron ploughs and drawn by tractors. The earliest farmers used bulls, horses and mules. Later, a plough was designed which is a tractor-driven machine. 

Types of Plough:-

  • Rotary Plough 
  • Chisel or subsurface Plough
  • Subsoiler Plough
  • Mould Board Plough
  • Disc type Plough
  1. Harrow

Harrow is used to pulverize soil, uproot weeds, break up crop residues, and cover seed. It is the up-gradation of the plough, is used for cultivation, and goes deep into the soil. A harrow implements break up and smooths out the soil’s surface. Harrowing is frequently conducted on the field to follow the rough finish left by the ploughing operation. The primary purpose of harrowing is to break lumps of soil and provide a finer finish suitable for seedbed use.

Types of Harrow:- 

  • Spring Harrow
  • Roller Harrow
  • Chain Harrow
  • Disc Harrow
  1. Trailer 

To enhance the capability of carrying loads, the trailer is connected to the tractor’s main body or machinery. It makes a tractor more dependable by adding a tool that can easily adjust loads. More exceptional versions of trailers work on hydraulic systems, which increase the power and control. Various types of trailer available and used as tractor tools, depending upon the usage. It is used to transport goods, pick up building supplies, haul ATVs and recreational vehicles, move furniture appliances, and many more. 

Types of Trailers:-

  • Flatbed Trailer
  • Dry vans or enclosed Trailer
  • Refrigerated Trailer
  • Lowboy Trailer
  • Step deck Trailer
  • Extendable Flatbed Trailer
  • Stretch single drop deck Trailer
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailer
  • Stretch RGN Trailer
  • Conestoga Trailer
  • Power only Trailer
  • Multi-car Trailer 

These are some best farming implements which are very important for Agriculture. These tools are used to help in the agriculture process to make the work easier and save time. 

We hope after reading this blog, you must have got more information about the tractor. So, for more such topics, stay connected with us. And if you want information about all the farming equipment such as tractors and others you have to visit us.  

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